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Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea every year and most tea plantations are situated around Srimangal and Sylhet in the north-east part of the country. Srimangal is a small town known as the tea capital of the country and set in gently rolling hills, surrounded by lush tea estates and fruit gardens is an oasis of tranquility. A short stay at a tea estate would be a highlight of any visit to Bangladesh. Daniel B. Haber and Anthony R. Dalton, both writers, described it as "Nearer to Heaven". The terraced tea garden, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations of Srimangal form a beautiful landscape. Lawacharra Rainforest, only eight kilometers from Srimangal town, is an important and well-preserved rainforest in Bangladesh. Here visitors may see gibbons swinging through the trees. Interesting primates like Capped langur, Pig-tailed, Assamese, Rhesus macaques and slow Loris can be found on different tiers of the forest canopy. It should not be missed especially by bird, mammal and insect watchers.
The good percentage of ethenic people has increased the attraction of this place. Tripura, Garo, Khasia and Monipuri are important among them. Monipuris are famous for their rich colourful cultural practice and traditional weaving. Khasias are famous for their betel leaf cultivation. The spectacular Madhobpur Lake surrounded by lush tea estates and full of water lilies is unique. A lot of pineapple and lemon plantations in Pineapple and Lemon Valley is another important feature in Srimangal. Madhabkundo Waterfall - only the unique and natural waterfall of Bangladesh - is easily possible to visit from Srimangal on a day long trip. Climbing the hill to see the source of water is psychically challenging. Jaflong is another picturesque place to visit where the travellers see the stone collection from the riverbed.
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