Bangladesh offers in brief-

The world's largest mangrove forest
Home of the Royal Bengal Tiger
The world's longest unbroken sea beach (120 km.)
Paharpur the world's single largest Buddist Monastery
Cruising in the biggest Man-made lake of Asia(900 Sq. km.)
Sparkling rivers & coral islands
Vast green tea valley
Colourful tribal life
One of the greenest countries
World's heritage site & ancient civilization
Dense rainforest
Quiet village
Rewarding bird-watching experience
Unspoiled nature at its best
World War II cemeteries
Excellent cycling opportunities
Hospitable People
one land 100% Contrast.
Last place to discover in Asia
One of the most smiling nation in the world.
Bay of Bengal, largest bay of the world.

Inspiring Bangladesh
To say to friends or colleagues that you intend to travel to Bangladesh will Cause a sense of complete bewilderment or provoke the question-“why?” Of course, traveling to such a country, known for its unforgiving poverty and never ending natural disasters would concern many a tourist. But to the informed traveler, who may have heard of just some of the delights of this forgotten corner of Asia, it is a hidden land rich in history and unexplored by the outside world. From dense Rainforest to magical beaches and coral Islands, from ancient civilizations to the colorful tribal life of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh offers an amazing range of adventures and possibilities to all who are ready to explore its mysteries. It is a secret land of Asia, an inexhaustible source of wonder and fascination for travelers. A place of incredible landscapes, natural beauty and charms waiting to be discovered. As you cross the
border into Bangladesh you know you have stepped into a magical world, into a country that embraces you and enlightens your senses with endless hospitality mixed with some understandable curiosity, where people touch your heart and offer a friendly hand with genuine warmth and kindness. Bangladesh is a stunning land of flaming sunsets, abundant wildlife, historically significant sites, unique religion and culture, delicious summer fruit, World War II cemeteries, authentic rice barges, indigenous activities and festivals with endless experience and adventures. It is one of the greenest countries in the world. Certainly it can be one of the most desirable destinations for those wanting to journey to exotic lands for a unique culture and experience. Some of the unique and largely unknown features of Bangladesh are mentioned below: The sundarbans- UNESCO world Heritage site. World's largest mangrove forest and home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, as well as many species of birds, reptiles and mammals.A rich and ancient heritage, including a strong Buddhist culture. The oldest archaeological site is Mahasthangarh, a city dating back to at least the 3rd century BC. As well as Buddhist culture the area is also rich in Hindu and Muslim sites. Cox'sBazar beach resort and the world's longest natural sea beach Bay of Bengal and beautiful islands, including St.Martins famous for its coral Chittagong division, including Rangamti, a lakeside hill station in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, capital of the Buddhist, Chakma tribe. There are more than 40 types of tribal communities throughout Bangladesh. Among these are Chakma, Murma, Tripura, Kuki and the largest being the Chakma tribe. Each has a unique culture, lifestyle, language and physical appearance. A visit to a tribal village is well recommended and is easily possible from the town of Srimangal. A Khashia village (called punji) is nearby, as well as a Monipuri village (called para). Srimangal and Sylhet Divisions in the north east of Bangladesh. The pleasant town of Srimangal, a true delight. Set in gently rolling hills, surrounded by lush tea estates and fruit gardens. An oasis of tranquility and a superb base from which to explore this beautiful area by bicycle. A short stay at one of the tea estates would be a highlight of any visit to Bangladesh. Of course an introduction to Bangladesh would not be complete without a mention of its innumerable rivers. A river trip is a fascinating way to discover a country often known as the ‘land of rivers.' The traveler should not be put off from making at least a short river trip or otherwise run the risk of missing first hand, the ‘real' Bangladesh and gain a wonderful insight into how the country operates and how its people go about their lives in one of the world's most challenging natural environments. The 60 year old paddle steamer, aptly named ‘The Rocket,' plying the 30 hour route south from Dhaka to Khulna, is a must for the adventurous.
Bangladesh is one of the best countries in the region for bird watching, attracting more than 650 species of birds, or almost half of those found on the entire Indian Subcontinent.
The reason for this is perhaps the location of Bangladesh, a crossroad between the Subcontinent and South East Asia. In addition to those species migrating between these areas., a number of Himalayan and Burmese hill species move into the lowlands of Bangladesh during the winter months. More than 221 species of birds have been spotted from as far a field as Siberia. For this reason bird watching in Bangladesh can be an extremely rewarding experience.
A couple of outstanding species can be spotted in Sylhet division, including the rare Baer‘s pochard and pallas‘ fishing eagle. Close to the Indian boarder, near the town of Srimangal, can be seen the blue-bearded bee-eater, the red-breasted trogon, together with a large variety of forest birds. Further south, the Sundarbans and other coastal areas support a great number of wetland and forest species, including several of the Kingfisher variety.
Although bird watching in Bangladesh is exciting at any time of the year, probably the highlight is during winter, from November to March, Given the many attractions the country already holds, for the bird watcher, Bangladesh must be a destination simply hard to beat.
Internal flights are efficient and the rail network will seem similar to those who have previously visited India and just as cheap. But one should not make too may similarities with its larger neighbors. For India is a vast country, well established on the tourist trail and hence, any traveler can be vulnerable to the ‘tourist trap.' Visiting Bangladesh, as one traveler put it, is not a journey-it's an experience. Bangladesh can certainly be described as a land more suited to the “traveller” as tourism is still in its infancy. Facilities for “tourists” are limited and with 130 million people inhabiting some of the most productive land in the world, why not come and immerse yourself in the magic of this adventurous destination. At Classic Tours and Travel , we say, ‘Come to Bangladesh before the tourists'. And of course we hope that you will give us the pleasure of showing you this new and exciting destination, where for once, this saying is so poignant and true.

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