Location : Bangladesh is situated in the eastern part of south Asia sub continent. The country is bordered by India on the east, west and north and by the Bay of Bengal and a small border strip with Myanmar on the South.

Area : About 1,47,570 square kms.

Climate : The climate of Bangladesh sub-tropical. The temperature across the ranges between 8.5º C and 26º C in winter. And between 24º C and 39º C during Summer.

Seasons : There are six seasons in a year. Winter, Summer, Monsoon, Spring, Autumn and Dewy season. Winter around from 15 Dec. - 12 Feb, Spring around from 13 Feb - 13 April, Summer around from 14 April - 14 June, Monsoon around 15 June - 15 August, Autumn around from 16 August - 15 October.

Currency : The currency is known as Taka (TK.) divided into 100 paisa. 1 USD is equivalent to about Tk.70.00 at present.

Best season : October-March is the best time for travelling to Bangladesh. But each season has its own pleasure. And it is possible to travel Bangladesh all the year round without any major disturbance. In full monsoon usually we stop to operate tours in Sundarbans and St. Martin Island for some days only. But remember that it is the best time to visit Srimangal from April-October as it is off season there from December-March.

Culture : Our culture and heritage is rich. 86.6% people are Muslim, 12.1% Hindu, 0.6% Buddhist, 0.4% Christian and others 0.2%. many kinds of tribal group live in Bangladesh and their culture distinct from each other.

Population : approximately 150 million (Dhaka 14 million).

Humidity : Highest 99% (July) lowest 36% (Dec & Jan).

Divisions :
6 divisions : Dhaka, Rajshahi, Barishal, Khulna, Chittagong and Sylhet.

Rainfall : 1100 mm to 3400 mm (June-August).

Standard time : GMT+6 hours.

Language :
The national language is Bangla which is spoken by 95%, 5% other dialects. English is widely spoken.

Principal crops : Rice, Jute, Tea, Tobacco, Wheat, Sugarcane etc.

Holiday : Friday and Saturday are weekly holiday.

Office Hours : From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday.

Electricity :
220 volts, AC in all cities and towns.

General Information

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