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Bird Watching & Tanguar Haor
Bangladesh is one of the best countries in the region for the birders, sustaining both local and migratory avian fauna over 650 species, or almost half of those found on the entire Indian Subcontinent. The reason for this is perhaps the location of Bangladesh, a crossroad between the Subcontinent and south-east Asia. Himalayan and Burmese hill species move into the lowlands of Bangladesh during the winter months. More than 221 species of birds have been spotted from as far afield as from northern Himalayas and Siberia. The forest, wetland, offshore, island and homestead forest of Bangladesh supports a great number of globally endangered birds. Birds like White Winged Wood Duck, Been goose, Baikal teal, Slaty wood pecker, Red headed trogon, Pallas"s fish eagle, Mangrove whistler, Mangrove pitta, Masked finfoot still can be found in the wilderness of Bangladesh.

Tanguar Haor (Lowlaying marsh) is a complex landscape of over 46 marshes, 30 km Northwest of Sunamgonj District. The marshes are inter connected with one another through narrow Channels but merge into a single large water body during monsoon. The aquatic vegetation and less disturbance from the human are instrument to invite a large variety of waterfowl specially winter migrant ducks that congregates in thousands. Resident and local migrant, raptor, waders and passerine birds made the area as one of the Asia's most potential birding place. Tanguar Haor is listed as a Ramsar site under the Ramsar Convention in 2000.
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Bird Watching & Tanguar Haor