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Ancient Bengal & Temples
Bangladesh can be proud of its rich ancient civilization and world heritage sites. The Paharpur Buddhist Monastery, the Sat Gumbad Mosque (60 domed mosque) and the Sundarbans are declared as world heritage site by UNESCO.

Paharpur Sompur vihara is single largest Buddhist Monastery of the world. This grand and impressive Buddhist Monastery would remind you that the Bengal was a prosperous Buddhist center. The architectural design of Paharpur later had influences on Pagan (Began) and Angkorwat (Cambodia).

Mahastangar is the oldest known city dating back to at least the 4th century BC. Buddha himself was said to have visited for preaching and later was influenced by various other religions. It used to be the regional capital of the Mauryan Guptas, the Pals and minor unknown Hindu dynasties.

Kantajee's temple (1752 AD) of Kantanagar is the finest terracotta plaque ornate building of the sub-continent. Sat Gumbad Mosque (60 domed Mosque) of Bagerhat (1459 AD) the largest pre-Mughal monument of the country is still declaring its former glory.
There are more than 50 scattered Buddhist sites have been discovered in Bangladesh. Spectacular of them is the Salban Vihara of Mainamati of Comilla.
Gaud is a site of great historical importance which features more historic mosques than any other area in Bangladesh, except for Bagerhat. Most of them were built during the rule of Muslim Sultanate in the late 15th century. Among them Darasbari Mosque, Dhanichak Mosque, Choto Sona, Khania Dighi or Rajbibi are famous.

Putia has the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in Bangladesh. Old Rajbari (king's palace), Shiva Temple, Jagannath temple, Govinda temple are famous. Rajbari is incredibly the intricate designs in terracotta embellishing the entire surface. Shiva temple is the largest in Asia built in 1823.

There are two sites of world war II cemetery in Bangladesh. First one is in Chittagang which contains the graves of soldiers from both the Allied and Axis forces who died on the Burma (Myanmar) front. Another cemetery is located in Mainamati in Comilla. This beautifully maintained cemetery is one of the city's principal tourist attractions.
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Ancient Bengal & Temples